Space Cuisine VR

The game experience is built around two main axes: experimentation and management of space.
he player is in zero gravity in a room that serves as a kitchen, strange recipes will be asked of him and he will have to understand how to work the ingredients and merge them in order to realize these orders.

Over the orders, his room will naturally fill with waste / remains of ingredients and the player will have to manage the organization of space between these elements and the ingredients that he wants to use, sharing the same space, if the player does not pay attention the room can become chaotic and make more complicated the realization of the orders.

Tools are also available to cut, mix, cook and process the ingredients.

Once enough recipes are found and made, he can take his ship to new areas of the galaxy that will give him access to new ingredients and recipes.

Space Cuisine VR is a cooking game made in two weeks.

In this game, you embody a cook in a spaceship that explores planets and planetary systems to discover new dishes and ingredients from other species.
To gain energy and progress in his quest, he will have to understand the recipes requested by the local aliens and realize them.

I worked on this game as Game Designer.

On this project I had the following tasks:
   – Design, documentation and improvement of the game mechanics
   – Rationalisation of the difficulty with excel formulas and design of the difficulty
   – Tweaking of the mechanics in Unity
   – Work on the User Interface

We got the 2nd place in the Laval Virtual competition, student category.