Auto-Defense is a Tower Defense developped by Gameloft using Unity.

In this game, the players owns a castle at the bottom of the screen, waves of enemies will try to destroy it. The player must buy turrets and manage their placement in order to survive all the waves. 
Turrets can have links between them, a turret linked to others will give them a boost depending on the turret’s power.

The game has different game modes, including a solo campaign, cooperative mode, confrontation and challenges

I worked on this project as Game and Level Designer.

Game / Level Designer

As a Game and Level Designer, my job was to :
  • Design and improve the game mechanics
  • Design and integrate game levels
  • Create Excel sheets to analyze and help balance the levels, enemies, turrets and player progression, using data exported from Unity
  • Code in C# the export tools for the Excel sheets
  • Design and implement Level Design tools to help the level creation process
  • Prototype game features, including new enemy mechanics, bosses, turrets and alternate game modes

Level Design excel sheets :

The following pictures show some of the analysis sheets I made for Auto-Defense the complete file can be downloaded below.
The idea behind this tool was to help understand the difficulty of a level or a specific wave when balancing the game.